I help people find the work they love – and thrive in the work they’ve chosen.

Be Fearless

What I Do

Work doesn’t have to suck.

I want to unleash the power within all of us to own and grow our experience at work – and make work, work for us again.

I want to inspire the leader within all of us to have the courage to lead from the heart – to use their leadership to make a real difference for themselves, their people and their business – and maybe just change the world in the process.


I specialize in career evolution and leadership development coaching, facilitation and consulting.


“Neill is a fantastic leadership coach.  (I) have seen immediate and measurable results.”

About Neill

Early in my adult life, I bought into the American Charade.
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The Fallacy of High Achievement

The Fallacy of High Achievement

In a world that celebrates achievement, with tools that bombard us with images of achievement, where achievement is not only promoted but we’re stack-ranked during our formative years – how do we break out of achievement’s grip?