Career Evolution:

Finding and Doing Work You Love

Sometimes, careers find us and before we know it, we’re doing work we didn’t choose but makes sense – financially, strategically, logically.

When we let fate determine how we’re going to spend almost a third of our life, we leave to chance that we might stumble into work that has meaning.

For many of us, we lost the bet.  I did.  Our work leaves us drained, frustrated, angry even.

Or, we know we want meaningful and fulfilling work but we’re just not sure how to find it.  It’s like searching for treasure without a map.

Whatever the case, the key is getting intentional about work – the work you want, the work you deserve.  Otherwise, what an awful waste of time.

I developed an approach (because I’m an ex-consultant) that starts with some critical fundamentals drawn from self-reflection, builds to include specifics about what you want from your work, incorporates learning from past work experience and culminates with tactical, concrete planning and execution.

Lay Your Foundation


Define the Big Picture

Get Specific


Describe the Work That You’ll Love (and Won’t)

Quiet the Naysayers

Break From What’s Holding You Back

Take Action


Develop A Plan and Execute

The result is a deep sense of what work is important to you and a clear sense of how to find it and do it.