What I Do

I change lives for a living. Together, my clients and I conquer the fears that serve to hold them back in their work and careers. We unleash the potential to do things that were once thought impossible. We revise the construct of the roles we thought we were supposed to play and build the meaningful career we want to have.

Work is transformed to become more meaningful and fulfilling for those who choose to change. I serve clients who are inspired, who are passionate but aren’t satisfied. I serve clients who have achieved, who are accomplished but aren’t fulfilled. I serve clients who want more out of their work but aren’t sure how to get it.

I create profound change for incredible people looking to get more out of their career and their life.

“We’re all great at coming up with a million reasons why we can’t do something big in our lives – but the only reason that really matters is the reason why we should, and that is because we haven’t!”

What Makes Coaching With Me Different

  • I lived massive personal and professional change – I know how it feels, what works and what doesn’t
  • I am laser focused on providing ideas for practical, concrete action so you can begin making progress immediately
  • I deliver results. Since launching my business two years ago, I have successfully built a sustainable practice based solely on word of mouth from previous clients
  • I offer an objective, outside opinion that is shaped by a unique blend of formal training (Master’s degree in Human Resource Education), practical business experience from top-tier management consulting and a service-oriented, coaches mindset
  • I bring 12 years of exposure to many dozens of organizations as an advisor and consultant to CEO’s, senior leaders, middle managers and line employees

“I am not a life coach – I’m a facilitator, a challenger, an objective voice; I ask hard questions and serve you completely.  You are not the student – you are the explorer, definer, and creator of your fearless life.”