My Approach

I believe there are two fundamental truths about finding and doing work you love.


We all have the ability to influence how we experience our work – to make changes and adjustments that could drastically improve our own experience and our success (however we define it) – but many of us don’t. We give that power away to someone or something else. We make assumptions and tell ourselves stories that either aren’t true or cover up our own fears about what might be possible.


I believe we’re all leaders in some form or fashion in our lives and our work. As a leader, we each bear a responsibility to those we lead. When we lead, we have enormous power over the experience of others – our teams, our customers, our partners, our friends, everyone. The world needs better leaders – those who lead not for themselves or their boss or their employer but in the service of those they are leading. As the popular book suggests, great leaders eat last and they aren’t afraid to take a backseat, or even hand over the keys – to their teams.

What You Can Expect From Working With Me

  • Audacious goal setting – if it doesn’t sound nearly impossible, you aren’t thinking big enough
  • Discomfort – if it doesn’t make you scared, it’s not meaningful
  • Your assumptions will be challenged and you’ll see the world differently for it
  • No judgment, no fear
  • We are shooting for profound change, beyond what you thought was possible
  • Concrete, actionable steps you can take to be fearless in your job, career, and life
  • Accountability – I will hold you accountable to your commitments
  • I’m here to help you achieve results, I will push you
  • Honest, authentic dialogue – you won’t hear what you want to hear