I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching, but I do see similarities in the challenges that many of my clients are facing.  I’ve also learned from my clients that they appreciate having a ‘road-map’; something that guides their work and has been proven to produce results. 

Recognizing the value of a tried and tested methodology, I developed a set of general frameworks that thoughtfully guide the services I offer, supporting my clients in their pursuit of professional growth and development.  Each framework is reinforced by exercises and tools – designed to go beyond theory and conversation – getting at tangible, practical and useful insights and outcomes.

Each framework was developed and adapted from my experience as a management consultant, my personal experience with career and lifestyle change and my years spent coaching clients from all walks of life.  I’ve also learned from trial and error, refining what works and tossing what doesn’t.  

Each framework can be tailored to specific needs but leaves out all the fluff that other coaches might waste your time with.  We cut to the chase and focus on what matters – getting you closer to achieving your desired outcome, faster.