Your Next Big Step: 

Creating and Executing a Plan for Achieving Your Next Major Goal or Milestone

Ready to bring that big goal or change you’ve been contemplating to life?  Tired of wondering what it would be like if you could set aside uncertainty and take action?  Know you’re not happy with the status quo but not sure what to do about it? 

Get started by articulating what it is you’re going after, why it’s important to you and what happens once you’ve achieved it.  We’ll explore how to tackle the unknown, beat procrastination and how to put a plan in place to turn ‘what if’ into your new reality. 

Together, we will understand what’s been holding you back and challenge the assumptions that have stood in your way. We’ll break down your aspiration into its component parts, set easily achievable goals (that actually matter) and start taking immediate action to overcome inertia and build momentum. 

I’ll share motivation, making sure you don’t lose sight of your goal.  Before you know it, you’ll be making huge progress and feeling great about it. 

As a bonus, I’ll include tricks that I’ve collected as I’ve navigated my own personal big goals, as well as helpful tips from the world’s leading self-improvement thinkers.