Fear is the ultimate roadblock to happiness and fulfillment. Fear is what gets in the way of living your dreams. Fear is everywhere, all the time. Fear is biologically programmed in our brains, it keeps us alive – but holds us back at the same time.

What if you could be fearless? What would you do? Would your life be any different than it is today?

I experienced the debilitating effects fear can have – I lived a life shadowed by fear once (I still have my fears, but I see them very differently). I would compare my accomplishments against others to judge my self-worth. I would work crazy hours so others would see me as being capable. I would worry about how I sounded when I spoke – do I sound smart? Are they going to think I don’t know what I’m talking about? I would obsess about what other people thought about me – and it was crippling. That was my biggest fear – being found out as an imposter.

We all struggle with fear. For many, we fear we won’t measure up. Fear masquerades as power, success, money, nice things, the ‘American Dream’. Maybe you haven’t realized that its fear you’re battling, but on some level – it is. Fear isn’t the only variable in the equation – there can be more, many more. But I believe that conquering fear is life’s biggest and most profound challenge – and we are all faced with fear everyday. What an advantage to be able to understand fear and use it to make us, and the world better.

Fear doesn’t have to dominate your life, it doesn’t even have to be scary. In fact, we can use fear and put it to work for us. Learn to identify it and accept fear for what it is – the neurological programming in our brain that helps keep us safe from harm. If only things were as simple as fight or flight – they aren’t. The reality is, we have learned to fear in many other ways – many of which only serve to make us question ourselves. The good news is we can break down your fears into their component parts – understand their drivers and take them on – one at a time until you’re living a fearless life.

Live This Fearless Life.

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Neill Beurskens is Founder of This Fearless Life and creates profound change for incredible people looking to get more out of their life and work. To explore the possibilities of a life lived fearlessly visit www.thisfearlesslifecoaching.com