Everyone I work with brings their own unique strengths, successes, experience, challenges, fears and failures. We work together, one-on-one to understand where you’re at, where you want to go and how to get there – in your job, career, business, relationships and/or life. Every program I develop is tailored to the individual. There is no method, no template.

There are some services that tend to be part of every experience I create with my clients. These might include one or even all of the following:


Your Self Assessment

This is where you hold the mirror up and become a ‘self-expert’. We peel back the layers and get at what makes you – you. We explore how you got to where you are and why. We understand your past to let it go. We call out your fears – and unique strengths. We find out why you’re here.

Personal / Life Visioning

“What do you want to do with your life?” We work together to answer this question. We define your values and paint a picture of your future. We dream big. We reconnect with those faded aspirations and breathe life back into them.


Action Planning

Change is about taking action. We define the steps that get you moving towards realizing your dreams. We break things down and start making progress. Pretty soon we’re building momentum and things are happening. Things you never thought possible.

Behavioral Analysis

Maybe you’ve got some behavioral tendancies that are getting in the way. You’re aware of them but can’t stop them in the moment. We understand the triggers, break down the response and work on developing new, more productive ways to engage.

Career Strategy & Planning

At a career crossroads? Stuck in a dead-end job and not sure how to break out? Ready to take the next step up the ladder but not sure how to get there? We break down your career aspirations and goals. We get real about your challenges, hurdles and what’s holding you back.

Leadership Development

Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. We explore what leadership means to you, how you’re perceived as a leader, your blind spots, your strengths and your tendencies. We exercise your leadership muscles and put them to use to create real, noticable impact.

What you can expect working with me:

  • Audacious goal setting – if it doesn’t sound impossible, you aren’t dreaming big enough.
  • Discomfort – if it doesn’t make you scared, it’s not meaningful
  • Your assumptions will be challenged and you’ll see the world differently for it
  • No judgment, no fear
  • We are shooting for profound change, beyond what you thought was possible
  • Concrete, actionable steps you can take to start living fearlessly
  • Accountability – I will hold you accountable to your commitments
  • I’m here to help you achieve results, I will push you
  • Honest, authentic dialogue – you won’t hear what you want to hear